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Residential Garage Doors

Whether you have a routine need or an urgent matter, it's nice to know that you can depend on Garage Door 24 Hours Repair to be there for you. Our technicians meet the highest industry standards when they repair or maintain your garage door or install a new door. We pride ourselves on our prompt response time 24 hours a day. When we're on a job site, we are only there to serve you needs. You won't have to compete for our attention with other customers, electronic devices, or even employees who spend time chatting when they should be working. We listen closely to your explanation of the problem so we can know how to troubleshoot the problem...Click to read more

Commercial Garage Doors

The name Garage Door 24 Hours Repair is synonymous with high quality in the garage door industry. Local business professionals know that they can depend on us to provide excellent and efficient garage door repair and maintenance services as well as new installation services in and around Las Vegas, NV. This is due to our years of experience and time spent dedicated to acquiring new knowledge about the industry as a whole...Click to read more

Garage Door Repair

It's important to not delay in contacting Garage Door 24 Hours Repair as soon as you notice a new issue with how your garage door performs. Even small problems can eventually turn costly if you put off repairs for too long. We also urge you not to attempt the repair on your own, even if the problem does seem minor. You might be surprised to learn that your garage door is actually quite complex. A problem that appears easy to fix may end up being a major issue...Click to read more

Garage Door Spring Services

The springs are one of the most essential components of any garage door. Springs are able to withstand several hundred pounds of tension every day. Due to the heavy loads and constant pressure on springs, they can break suddenly. When this happens, the garage door is usually positioned down and completely closed. However, springs can break even when the garage door is in the up position. This constitutes an emergency because it will cause the door to violently crash to the ground and could crush anything between the door and the ground. That is why you need to call our company in Las Vegas, NV to fix the springs and never attempt a repair on your own...Click to read more

Garage Door Openers

There was a time when everyone got out of their car to lift the garage door after pulling into the driveway. Today, most people use a remote control garage door opener. While they are no doubt convenient, garage door openers need maintenance and repair just like every other part of the door. At Garage Door 24 Hours Repair, this is just one of the many services that we perform for our customers each day. We can fix any brand or type of remote opener because we keep several types of parts on hand...Click to read more

Custom Garage Doors

When you order a customized garage door from Garage Door 24 Hours Repair, you increase the value of your property by changing the way it looks from a distance. Realtors refer to this as curb appeal. A specialized garage door may seem like a strange way to express your individuality, but it is something that we are happy to do for you. We offer a broad range of colors and styles, which we will help you go through. Our company in Las Vegas, NV understands that your garage door serves many purposes in addition to protecting your vehicles and other property from the elements...Click to read more

Overhead Garage Doors

No matter which style of overhead garage door you prefer, Garage Door 24 Hours Repair is available to install it. We offer many budget-friendly alternatives that offer you the ultimate in protection from severe weather, fire, theft, and other variables outside of your immediate control. All of our overhead garage doors are completely weather-proofed to make sure that nothing can damage them. Our skilled journeymen can explain the differences in overhead garage door styles to you at your first appointment...Click to read more

Garage Door Installation

It can take several years to make the decision to upgrade an outdated garage door with one that offers better safety, more features, and an improved appearance. Some people decide to repair their existing garage door for as long as possible, which is just fine with us. If you go the first route, we have a vast selection of garage door designs to show you. You can view pictures of each type of door as it looks after installation and not just the door itself. This makes it easier for you to select the design style that is right for you...Click to read more

Garage Doors

When you raise and lower your garage door several times a day for many years, it will eventually start showing signs of wear. If you decide to replace it, you need to pick a new door that can withstand the weight and pressure you expect to place on it. We offer you an impressive collection of new garage doors that will replace the one that is worn and outdated. Every garage door we install and sell offers a unique and attractive design in addition to providing you the highest level of security...Click to read more